Meaning of cryotherapy in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkrʌɪə(ʊ)ˈθɛrəpi/


mass noun
  • The use of extreme cold in surgery or other medical treatment.

    ‘Previous treatment options have included stents, laser treatment, cryotherapy, radiation therapy, and brachytherapy.’
    • ‘Distant disease is more likely if the PSA does not fall to undetectable levels after surgery, rises after radiation therapy or cryotherapy, rises within 12 months of any form of treatment or doubles in less than six months.’
    • ‘More patients indicated pain and discomfort during and after treatment with photodynamic therapy than with cryotherapy, although the difference was not statistically significant.’
    • ‘Although removal of the lesions is preferable, treatment of human papillomavirus infections may include cryotherapy, loop electrosurgical excision procedure, laser surgery, and drug therapy.’
    • ‘For example, patients with a small number of lesions can be quickly and effectively treated with ablation treatment, such as cryotherapy or electrosurgery.’
    • ‘Most of these studied different regimens rather than comparing cryotherapy with other treatments or placebo.’
    • ‘Treatments such as cryotherapy, acid preparations, laser therapy, heat, and tape occlusion have been used in the management of warts, with cure rates ranging from 32 to 93 percent.’
    • ‘If the warts grow large or become uncomfortable, they can be safely removed during pregnancy with laser surgery or cryotherapy (freezing).’
    • ‘Once cold therapy, or cryotherapy, is initiated several things occur in the damaged tissues.’
    • ‘Although surgery and cryotherapy are effective, they can lead to scarring and discolouration, which is particularly problematic for patients who have multiple lesions on their face or other visible areas.’
    • ‘For minor procedures, such as certain dental surgery or cryotherapy, where blood loss is expected to be minimal and easily manageable, anticoagulant treatment may be continued.’
    • ‘Previous attempts at destructive therapies, such as cryotherapy, have proved ineffective.’
    • ‘Ice alone seems to be more effective than applying no form of cryotherapy after minor knee surgery.’
    • ‘Another review supports the use of cryotherapy as an effective treatment for common and plantar warts (paring with two cycles of freezing) and for flat warts.’
    • ‘Treatment of basal cell carcinomas with cryotherapy can also be successful, but healing may take weeks, and success depends on the skill of the cryotherapist.’
    • ‘Cure rates for cryotherapy vary widely, depending on the treatment regimen.’
    • ‘There have been some deleterious side effects of cryotherapy previously documented.’
    • ‘To date, no review has measured the quality of the study methodology or considered the clinical appropriateness of applied treatments within cryotherapy research.’
    • ‘Similarly, the duration and frequency of cryotherapy treatments were not consistent across studies.’
    • ‘Any lesion, even one presumed benign, that repeatedly recurs after proper cryotherapy should be biopsied.’