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Pronunciation /ˌkrɪptəˈnalɪsɪs/

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mass noun
  • The art or process of deciphering coded messages without being told the key.

    ‘In this way, through cryptanalysis of the error messages, it is possible to glean clues on the make up of a legitimate password.’
    • ‘She shows how efforts by scientists using computer analyses, information theory, linguistics and cryptanalysis to break the genetic code in the 1950s yielded no results.’
    • ‘Differential cryptanalysis was ultimately a mathematical technique just waiting to be rediscovered by someone outside the Triple Fence interested in sophisticated codes.’
    • ‘Supercomputers are typically used for calculation-intensive tasks such as climate research, molecular modelling, physical simulations and cryptanalysis.’
    • ‘Her grandfather is also an expert in cryptanalysis: dropped behind enemy lines in the war, he now occupies himself compiling crosswords and brain-teasers for a newspaper and decoding a 400-year-old manuscript.’
    • ‘With the progress made in cryptography and cryptanalysis, people were gaining the ability to harm others, especially in a business environment where e-commerce had come to stay.’
    • ‘Because factoring is so difficult mathematically, it's also pretty much the holy grail of contemporary cryptanalysis.’
    • ‘Recently we've seen attacks that hack into the mathematics of cryptography and go beyond traditional cryptanalysis, forcing cryptography to do something new, different, and unexpected.’
    • ‘Differential cryptanalysis was developed this way; the attack was demonstrated on simpler variants of DES and then extrapolated to the full DES.’
    • ‘A large Victorian mansion in the centre of the park (now a museum) housed the Government Code and Cypher School and was the scene of many spectacular advances in modern cryptanalysis.’
    • ‘Another thing that will come along - probably after more than a decade or two - is quantum cryptanalysis, where you would use a quantum computer to decrypt existing codes.’
    • ‘This is the crux of differential cryptanalysis.’
    • ‘Cryptography theory is mature enough to base designs on, but there's still no substitute for detailed cryptanalysis.’
    • ‘I have long believed it to be the primary way cryptanalysis is done in the intelligence community.’
    • ‘Recently I've written a lot about airline security and counter-terrorism, but I've also written about new developments in the cryptanalysis of hash functions and defences for identity theft.’
    • ‘This goes back at least to the cryptanalysis of the Lorentz Machine, in WWII.’
    • ‘He shaped this group into an excellent cryptanalysis department, with the motto ‘There shall be no such thing as an indecipherable message’.’


1920s from crypto-+ analysis.