Meaning of cryptogamous in English:


Pronunciation /krɪpˈtɒɡəməs/


dated Botany

See cryptogam

‘However, the cell walls of cryptogamous plants, such as bryophytes and pteridophytes, have received little attention, and so the peculiarities of the wall-polysaccharides in these plants have yet to be fully understood.’
  • ‘Ferns and fern allies are cryptogamous plants of the phylum Polypodiophyta.’
  • ‘Fern is a common name for the cryptogamous, or spore-producing, plants belonging to the division Filicophyta, also called Filicinophyta.’
  • ‘The total number of fossil plants catalogued from those beds, cryptogamous as well as phænogamous, is upward of three thousand.’
  • ‘This has resulted in a rich vegetation mosaic comprising approximately 1,500 species of flowering plants, including 130 trees, and an estimated 2,200 cryptogamous taxa.’