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Pronunciation /krɪpˈtɒɡrəfə/

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‘All over the world, cryptographers are trying to unlock Kryptos, a coded message of fiendish complexity that stands inscribed on a sculpture on the grounds of the CIA's headquarters.’
  • ‘Physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, cryptographers, engineers, biotechnologists - large numbers of scientists from all these fields contribute directly or indirectly to the development of weapons.’
  • ‘Modern cryptographers have embraced this principle, calling anything else ‘security by obscurity.’’
  • ‘The Enigma ciphers were ultimately broken by Polish and British cryptographers using primitive computers (by today's standards) and information that had been captured about both the Enigma machine and the codebooks.’
  • ‘These sequences were then fed to the cryptographers for decryption, and the resultant clear texts were amended by further experts to correct for possible errors in transmission and reception.’