Meaning of cryptonym in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrɪptənɪm/


  • A code name.

    ‘In a few cases, I was asked to not use a cryptonym or to delete the name of a case officer or the country where he had served.’
    • ‘The new project had been given an official cryptonym for use in cable traffic: Henceforth it would be known as HARDNOSE.’
    • ‘One knew one's fellow students only by their cryptonyms and one did not ask them where they lived.’
    • ‘Messages identified their recipients with a cryptonym and gave necessary instructions in coded messages.’
    • ‘A hundred other unseen locks and keys, oaths of secrecy, and cryptonyms stood in my way.’
    • ‘What was your response to this revelation as to what Oswald's cryptonym was?’
    • ‘For many years she has been collecting materials on three topics: history of Polish Women War Service, history of underground-movement in Pomerelia 1939-1945 and history of the Department of Foreign Communications of the Home Army Main Headquarters, cryptonym ‘Zagroda’ - ‘Cottage’.’


Late 19th century from crypto-‘hidden’ + -onym.