Meaning of cryptosporidium in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkrɪptə(ʊ)spəˈrɪdɪəm/

nounplural noun cryptosporidia

  • A parasitic coccidian protozoan found in the intestinal tract of many vertebrates, where it sometimes causes disease.

    Genus Cryptosporidium, phylum Sporozoa

    ‘He died from cryptosporidiosis in 1997 several years after he had been infected with the parasite cryptosporidium.’
    • ‘Around 140,000 people in Glasgow were last night advised to boil all tap water in their homes for drinking, food, brushing teeth and bathing babies after the parasite cryptosporidium was found in supplies.’
    • ‘Chlorine is added during water treatment to kill bacteria, although some bugs such as cryptosporidium are extremely resistant to it.’
    • ‘But new national guidelines say the lack of a filtration system and automatic chemical treatment can lead to the development of the cryptosporidium bug, which can cause severe gastro-intestinal infections.’
    • ‘But now a researcher at the Australian National University has invented a filter which can quickly and cheaply kill the cryptosporidium bug.’
    • ‘The resulting water is even free of viruses, bacteria and spores from cryptosporidium or giardia.’
    • ‘But the report by two public health experts suggests the Glasgow boil water notice, issued when the cryptosporidium count started to escalate rapidly, was unnecessary.’
    • ‘Another family have reported that all four children have been diagnosed with cryptosporidium, a waterborne parasite.’
    • ‘Viruses, cryptosporidium, and giardia require very high dosages of disinfectant or longer contact times with the disinfectant than the standard recommendations.’
    • ‘Work to reduce the number of properties subject to sewer flooding and protecting customers from the potentially harmful parasite cryptosporidium, have forced the company to rethink its pricing.’
    • ‘There's a parasite called cryptosporidium that's resistant to chlorine, that causes most of the outbreaks that we're hearing about right now.’
    • ‘It's a parasite called cryptosporidium, and once it gets into the pool it's resistant to the levels of chlorine that normally are found in pools.’
    • ‘Engineers believe the new technology will cut the risk of an outbreak of waterborne bacteria such as cryptosporidium.’
    • ‘She showed how you can identify and measure those nasty germs cryptosporidium and giardia.’
    • ‘Manure from factory farms has been linked to diseases such as E. coli, listeria, and cryptosporidium.’
    • ‘Yet while these discoveries of pollution have been made, continuous tests of the water from various laboratories have come back either zero for cryptosporidium or indicating very low levels, all well within EU directives.’
    • ‘We are the first country in the world to bring this level of monitoring and regulation on cryptosporidium.’
    • ‘The deep pits may drain water from an already thirsty ecosystem and expose underground drinking-water supplies to contaminants such as giardia and cryptosporidium.’
    • ‘We are all working together to ensure that every possible precautionary measure is taken to avoid further cases of cryptosporidium.’
    • ‘It is also effective against cryptosporidium, the waterborne organism that caused more than 100 deaths in Milwaukee in 1993.’


Early 20th century from crypto-‘concealed’ + modern Latin sporidium ‘small spore’.