Meaning of cryptozoa in English:


plural noun


See cryptozoic

‘The term cryptozoa was coined by him to describe the light-abhorring animals found under logs or stones in damp, dark situations.’
  • ‘Student supervision has involved projects in the general field of ecology of cryptozoa.’
  • ‘They are members of that large category of animals known descriptively (not taxonomically) as cryptozoa, or hidden animals.’
  • ‘As members of the cryptozoa, these species are generally unobtrusive and not noticed by the unsuspecting person - until large numbers of them start flying about on the breeze in summer and other times of year.’
  • ‘Invertebrates also inhabit niches which are divided into times and spaces determining in turn the niches of their predators: there are actual ‘rush hours’ for cryptozoa, (an order of invertebrates): When they crawl from the forest floor to the canopy in the morning and back down again in the evening, hungry scorpions, frogs and spiders wait upon them at the foot of the tree!’