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mass noun
  • 1Looking intently into a crystal ball with the aim of seeing images relating to future or distant events.

    ‘Along with charms and talismans, crystal-gazing and the invocation of spirits, he dismissed astrological prophecy and mystical revelation as ‘cheats and shifts to gull the sillier sort of people.’’
    • ‘It can involve elaborate rituals for cleaning the ball and for conducting the crystal-gazing sessions.’
    • ‘It might sound like the sort of question best left to crystal-gazing new agers, but there is growing evidence that the weird movies that play in our heads every night actually mean something.’
    foretelling the future, forecasting the future, fortune telling, crystal-gazing, prediction, second sight, clairvoyance, prognostication, divination, soothsaying
    1. 1.1Attempting to forecast the future.
      • ‘Historians don't do crystal-gazing.’