Meaning of crystal clear in English:

crystal clear

Pronunciation /ˌkrɪstəl ˈklɪə/

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  • 1Completely transparent and unclouded.

    ‘careful restoration work had turned the once polluted waters of the river crystal clear’
    • ‘Where is the crystal clear, pure, unpolluted water that once characterized the river as well as most shallow wells in the area?’
    • ‘The waterfalls were crystal clear, while elegant pavilions stand under trees that drip with bright red flowers.’
    • ‘The river is pale green and crystal clear, with brilliant orange stones on the bed in some parts, and we drank from it all the way along.’
    • ‘Although I visited in February, when snow was on the ground, most days were crystal clear, sunny and not overly cold.’
    • ‘The water is warm and crystal clear, and few visual experiences beat watching the last rays of the sun fingering the canyon walls.’
    • ‘The surface area of the lake now covers 570 square kilometres and its waters are crystal clear.’
    obvious, evident, plain, apparent, crystal clear, as clear as crystal, transparent
    transparent, limpid, pellucid, translucent, crystalline, crystal clear, glassy, glasslike
    1. 1.1Unambiguous; easily understood.
      ‘the house rules are crystal clear’
      • ‘The sound is also a fantastic element, crystal clear and always understandable.’
      • ‘But we are quite plain in terms of our policy and Mark has made it absolutely crystal clear that that policy is not about to change.’
      • ‘As I say, he makes his political position crystal clear.’
      • ‘This language of the plain and the crystal clear conceals the fact that we navigate in murky waters.’
      • ‘Recent events have made it crystal clear that this region is all too easily ignored by the nation's power brokers.’
      • ‘On Friday the European parliament made its position crystal clear.’
      • ‘The sound was crystal clear, the music was haunting and soothing.’
      • ‘It has also been made crystal clear by health authorities in the past that the blood which is donated undergoes a screening process.’
      • ‘However, what is crystal clear is that many of the residents do not want to have a nuclear waste disposal facility in their region.’
      • ‘My views on racism are crystal clear, so I assume there could be no question mark over my motivations.’
      unambiguous, unmistakable, indisputable, incontrovertible, indubitable, undeniable