Meaning of crystal gazer in English:

crystal gazer

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  • 1A person who looks intently into a crystal ball with the aim of seeing images relating to future or distant events.

    ‘fortune tellers of all stripes, including crystal gazers’
    • ‘There are the usual acupuncturists, crystal gazers, harmonic convergence believers.’
    • ‘In 1582, he joined forces with a crystal gazer by the name of Edward Kelley.’
    • ‘One of its peculiarities is that it exempts a long list of professionals like doctors and lawyers, as well as phrenologists, circus managers and crystal gazers.’
    • ‘Dyed-in-the-wool scientists can now leave the room, followed by dyed-in-the-wool New Agers, crystal gazers and practitioners of past life regression.’
    • ‘The scrapbook contains an extremely frail poster for the show, which was headlined by The Great Omar, "The Man of Many Mysteries" and "India's Greatest Crystal Gazer."’
    • ‘With all the jesting about crystal balls and crystal gazing did you ever ask yourself if you ever met a crystal gazer?’
    • ‘Most of the successful crystal-gazers record a preliminary experience before they begin to descry shapes and faces.’
    • ‘Much like natural quartz crystal, the high clarity of lead crystal imbues it with properties of light and energy that make it a natural choice for the crystal gazer.’
    • ‘Having an open mind and cleared, focused thoughts are imperative to the true crystal gazer.’
    • ‘She put her doubts aside to accompany Sylvia to a séance at the home of Boston's most famous crystal gazer.’
    1. 1.1A person who attempts to forecast the future.
      ‘for France, most crystal gazers see around 4% economic growth’
      • ‘The historian's role as a crystal gazer is usually precarious yet Mr. Purcell performs well when he looks into the future.’
      • ‘For crystal gazers, emerging markets are hot and the EU is not.’
      • ‘Would the future described by the crystal gazers really be a utopia?’
      • ‘This is-the time of year that crystal gazers and selfstyled seers stare down the corridors of the future and announce their discoveries.’
      • ‘To those who are not crystal gazers, a complex and guarded answer seems wise.’