Meaning of crystal healing in English:

crystal healing


(also crystal therapy)
mass noun
  • (in alternative medicine) the use of crystals for therapeutic purposes.

    ‘There will be more than 50 stands with exhibitors offering taster sessions in therapies such as reflexology, crystal therapy, massage, remedial therapy and Reiki.’
    • ‘Articles on feng shui, crystal therapy, iridology, colonic irrigation, herbalism and faith healing sweep the media every week.’
    • ‘There has been much written about crystal healing, but little explaining the underlying association of therapeutic qualities to crystals and stones.’
    • ‘Ergo, anybody who turns a Tarot card today, anybody into reiki, wicca, crystal therapy, and lucid dreaming (inter alia), should pay homage to Yeats and the Dawn, for guarding and nurturing the esoteric flame.’
    • ‘He is a highly qualified and indeed decorated physician, who should know better than to recommend dowsing, crystal therapy, and radionics, to NHS patients, which he is doing via this directory.’
    • ‘Therapies that will be represented include aromatherapy, stress management, hypnotherapy, Shiatsu, Reiki, reflexology, Hoki ear candles, crystal healing and the Bowen technique.’
    • ‘Reflexology, reiki, paraffin wax treatment for hands and feet, crystal healing and auricular ear candling therapy are among the treatments on offer.’
    • ‘Group 3 contains therapies that are long established and rational in certain cultures, as well as many (such as crystal therapy and dowsing) for which there is no research evidence at all.’
    • ‘My family moved through fads and phases very quickly, everything from EST training to crystal healing, macrobiotics and cooperative living.’
    • ‘Then you saw books on mysticism, herbal potions, crystal healing and a myriad of other esoteric topics.’
    • ‘Is it any more reliable than the advert we read for crystal healing suggesting that the forces of quartz will remove tumours?’