Meaning of crystal lattice in English:

crystal lattice


  • The symmetrical three-dimensional arrangement of atoms inside a crystal.

    ‘These peculiar spectroscopic features can be attributed to the arrangement of the proteins inside the crystal lattice of the photoreccptor.’
    • ‘Repeated translation along the edges of the unit cell can be used to derive the entire crystal lattice; in other words, the crystal lattice is the unit cell repeated many times in a periodic fashion.’
    • ‘Crystallographers describe the repeating unit of a crystal lattice, the unit cell, by the length of its edges and angles between them.’
    • ‘Provided that enough energy is transmitted, bombarding materials with high-energy particles can displace atoms within the crystal lattice via a ballistic collision phenomenon.’
    • ‘According to the researchers' computer simulations, a crystal lattice whose atoms vibrate in the right way could be worked into a thermal rectifier and perhaps even thermal transistors.’
    • ‘It means that the conductivity can be delicately fine-tuned by sprinkling the crystal lattice with atoms of other elements, which increase or decrease the number of mobile electrons.’
    • ‘In these materials, the freely flowing electrons and the atoms that form the crystal lattice are in an uneasy state of coexistence.’
    • ‘A diamond is a perfect crystal lattice while the graphite arrangement is more random.’
    • ‘The layer silicates can be classified into various groups, according to their chemical composition and the layer structure of their crystal lattice.’
    • ‘The atoms or molecules of which the crystal is composed are arranged in a precise regular way that is repeated over and over in three dimensions forming a crystal lattice.’
    • ‘The oligomers also exhibited different symmetry than in the crystal lattice.’
    • ‘The high sensitivity of these superconductors to oxygen is due to the apparent ease with which that atom can move in and out of the crystal lattice.’
    • ‘The next step was therefore to check that only one crystal phase was present and to determine the crystal lattice.’
    • ‘Essentially, the system uses the phenomenon of ‘electromigration’, in which moving electrons - current - transfer momentum to the surrounding crystal lattice.’
    • ‘The blue-green color of amazonite results from the contamination and substitution of trace to minor amounts of lead and water (as the hydroxyl ion) in the crystal lattice.’
    • ‘But when he observed the crystals in a light microscope, he noticed that on drying they became disordered, as the large amount of water in the crystal lattice evaporated.’
    • ‘In addition, conformational changes may not occur to the same extent as in solution because they could be limited by intermolecular contacts in the crystal lattice.’
    • ‘These convective currents are harmful because they alter the orientation of the protein molecules as they hook onto the crystal lattice.’
    • ‘For example, certain spots in a crystal lattice may remain vacant, or a lattice may have an unequal number of anion and cation sites.’
    • ‘No two of these arrangements were alike, and the pattern did not repeat itself over a long range like an ordinary crystal lattice.’