Meaning of crystal methamphetamine in English:

crystal methamphetamine


mass noun
  • The drug methamphetamine in a powdered crystalline form, used illegally as a stimulant.

    ‘crystal methamphetamine worth 22 million euros has been seized by police in the second major drug bust in ten days’
    • ‘He pleaded not guilty to two charges of possession of crystal methamphetamine for the purposes of trafficking.’
    • ‘During this perfect storm he started using crystal methamphetamine.’
    • ‘It is believed that the illegal drug crystal methamphetamine may have been a contributing factor in transmission of the virus.’
    • ‘It was the effects of crystal methamphetamine that began wreaking havoc on rural, overwhelmingly white Midwest towns in the early '90s.’
    • ‘Crack cocaine and crystal methamphetamine were the drugs of choice for 33 women, although most of them were poly-substance abusers.’
    • ‘The majority of ecstasy users also reported using other drugs while taking ecstasy, most commonly alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, speed and crystal methamphetamine.’
    • ‘Police recovered a small quantity of crystal methamphetamine and packaging materials.’
    • ‘A 25-year addiction to crystal methamphetamine had not seemed to rob him of his faculties, and he had been clean for two years now.’
    • ‘Can we control crystal methamphetamine and alcohol problems?’
    • ‘In Pennsylvania, a middle school principal faced charges of selling crystal methamphetamine out of his school office.’