Meaning of crystalline lens in English:

crystalline lens


  • The transparent elastic structure behind the iris by which light is focused on to the retina of the eye.

    • ‘The cornea, iris, and crystalline lens work together to focus light onto the retina.’
    • ‘The cornea and the crystalline lens refract light that enters the eye.’
    • ‘The most serious injuries involve the cornea and the internal crystalline lens, leading to corneal scars and cataract.’
    • ‘Immediately behind the pupil is the crystalline lens - a transparent protein gel in an elastic sac, which provides the additional optical power needed to bring light to a focus at the back of the eye.’
    • ‘Entering the eye at this location avoids damage to the retina and the crystalline lens.’
    • ‘The main ocular determinants of refraction are the focusing power of the cornea and crystalline lens and the length of the eye.’
    • ‘Urgent magnetic resonance imaging clearly showed dislocation of the crystalline lens into the vitreous, which is being managed conservatively.’
    • ‘An advance that overcomes these problems is the accommodating intraocular lens, which can move in the same way as the natural crystalline lens does before it hardens with age.’
    • ‘Presbyopia sets in which is a hardening of the crystalline lens, and it makes it difficult for people to see things up close.’
    • ‘A fish's eye is much larger and rounder than a mammal's eye, with a crystalline lens that's good at concentrating rays of light passed through water.’
    • ‘Cataract still represents the leading cause of blindness throughout the world; however, the pathogenic effect of solar UV radiation on the human crystalline lens remains controversial.’
    • ‘The crystalline lens in the human eye can change shape, thereby altering its refractive power.’
    • ‘The human eye focuses at different distances by using tiny muscles to change the curvature of the eye's flexible crystalline lens.’