Meaning of crystalline sphere in English:

crystalline sphere


  • (in ancient and medieval astronomy) a transparent sphere of the heavens postulated to lie between the fixed stars and the primum mobile and to account for the precession of the equinox and other motions.

    • ‘In 1618, he observed three comets pass effortlessly through Ptolemy's crystalline spheres (in which the planets and stars supposedly moved around the Earth), showing that these spheres must be imaginary.’
    • ‘Peurbach believed that the planets were in solid crystalline spheres although he believed that their motions were controlled by the Sun.’
    • ‘Aristotle's view of the world was based on a spherical Earth round which there were crystalline spheres which carried the Sun, Moon and planets.’
    • ‘Plato's beliefs as regards the universe were that the stars, planets, Sun and Moon move round the Earth in crystalline spheres.’
    • ‘That cosmology had the Earth surrounded by a hard crystalline sphere upon which were suspended the stars.’