Meaning of crystallinity in English:


Pronunciation /krɪst(ə)ˈlɪnɪti/


See crystalline

‘The process controls the size, shape and crystallinity of particles - improving the effectiveness of products from inhalants to water-insoluble drugs.’
  • ‘Upon compression, a cholesterol film transforms from a monolayer of trigonal symmetry and low crystallinity to a trilayer, composed of a highly crystalline bilayer in a rectangular lattice and a disordered top cholesterol layer.’
  • ‘The intermediate layer provides an improvement to the crystallinity of the ferroelectric layer which results in enhanced performance to the transistor, for example the turn-on voltage.’
  • ‘Close to this point, an amorphous critical nucleus would consist in the disordered aggregation of a few molecules, and the crystallinity would appear later during the growth process.’
  • ‘Testing can be conducted to ascertain melting point, degree of crystallinity, and glass-transition temperature, or for component quantification.’