Meaning of crystallographer in English:



See crystallography

‘Despite the attempts of crystallographers to catch IGP synthase in its functional form, to date, the only movement reported in these four residues was the slight bending of the last carbon-nitrogen group of K99.’
  • ‘Because many crystallographers have their preferred crystallization techniques, experimental work is needed to discern whether these patterns represent human preferences or real chemical associations.’
  • ‘X-ray crystallographers determine the three-dimensional shape of a molecule by blasting a beam of X-rays through a crystallized sample of the molecule and then analyzing the pattern of the scattered beam.’
  • ‘The application of the crystallographic method to other proteins was a gradual process, because of the great technical difficulties and the relatively small number of crystallographers working in the field.’
  • ‘Batch crystallisation, unlike the tedious and time-consuming hunt for the perfect single crystal that dominates the lives of X-ray crystallographers, can be a simple, straightforward experiment.’



/ˌkrɪstəˈlɒɡrəfə/ /ˌkrɪstlˈɒɡrəfə/