Meaning of crystallographically in English:



See crystallography

‘In both cases an asymmetric unit composed of two crystallographically distinct molecules (A and B) was obtained, and the two units differ, with a root mean square deviation value of 0.6.’
  • ‘The structural features of the intermediate structures described crystallographically are reproduced by the simulation, indicating that the intermediate structures are mechanistically and dynamically feasible.’
  • ‘The molecular level conductance computations, although qualitatively of great interest, do not seem to imply the three-ion occupancies suggested both electrophysiologically and crystallographically.’
  • ‘A study of 80 crystallographically characterized protein-ligand complexes, many binding within the nanomolar range, demonstrated no hydrogen bonds between the protein and the ligand.’
  • ‘Whether this assumption is justified will remain unknown until the structures of these two channels are determined, crystallographically or otherwise, although a recent study suggests our assumption is plausible.’