Meaning of crystallography in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkrɪstəˈlɒɡrəfi/

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mass noun
  • The branch of science concerned with the structure and properties of crystals.

    ‘She threw herself into science - physics, chemistry and crystallography.’
    • ‘His interests were always wide and this is reflected in the range of courses that he was teaching around this time: descriptive geometry, crystallography, optics, mechanics and machine design.’
    • ‘For such a comparison to be completed, the availability of the atomic structure from x-ray crystallography and/or from NMR spectroscopy is very helpful.’
    • ‘Do you want to see exhibits about rocks and petrology, fossils, the geological history of Earth, how minerals form, crystallography, or properties and uses of minerals?’
    • ‘Its discovery opened a new branch in crystallography.’
    • ‘Protein crystallography provides the structure of a protein, averaged over all elementary cells during data collection time.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, we could not solve its structure by x-ray crystallography as crystallization trials have failed so far.’
    • ‘His other contributions to astronomy, botany, crystallography, electrochemistry, optics and physiology are also substantial.’
    • ‘Electron crystallography has been widely applied to determine the structures of biological macromolecules.’
    • ‘In her lifetime she would go on to be one of the most influential figures in establishing the science of crystallography.’
    • ‘The light-induced structural changes of photointermediates trapped at low temperature have been explored by x-ray crystallography and by electron microscopy.’
    • ‘The AFM topography shows excellent agreement to structural data from x-ray crystallography.’
    • ‘Secondary structure was assigned according to known crystallography structures and is shown at the bottom.’
    • ‘X-ray crystallography and NMR can measure static structure or at most temperature factors but provide no information about modes, and therefore dynamics and function.’
    • ‘The most basic means of resolving a protein structure are through experimental observations, such as x-ray crystallography and certain forms of NMR spectroscopy.’
    • ‘In crystallography and other fields of research, the structure factor is often computed by x-ray diffraction to characterize the microstructure of small molecules.’
    • ‘The quality of the computed structures has been evaluated by several techniques borrowed from crystallography.’
    • ‘Protein crystallography reveals that the fundamental unit of protein structure is the domain.’
    • ‘Her crystallography was crucial to the subsequent elucidation of DNA structure and replication.’
    • ‘Enantiomorphism is a term used in crystallography to denote the relationship between two molecules or other forms that mirror each other across a single axis.’