Meaning of ctenidium in English:


Pronunciation /tɪˈnɪdɪəm/

nounplural noun ctenidia/tɪˈnɪdɪə/

  • A comblike structure, especially a respiratory organ or gill in a mollusc, consisting of an axis with a row of projecting filaments.

    ‘Meanwhile, Pelseneer had come up with a classification of bivalves based on the structure of the ctenidia.’
    • ‘Chaetoderms lack pedal grooves, have ctenidia paired in a small posterior mantle cavity, have a cuticular shield around the mouth and the stomach and digestive glands are separate.’
    • ‘Polyplacophorans have six to 88 pairs of bipectinate ctenidia, the number of which is typically not species specific, increasing as the individual grows.’
    • ‘All cephalopods have one pair of unciliated ctenidia within the mantle cavity, with the exception of Nautilus, which has two pairs of ctenidia.’
    • ‘No ctenidia are present, and gas exchange is through the mantle surface.’


Late 19th century; modern Latin, from Greek ktenidion, diminutive of kteis, kten- ‘comb’.