Meaning of ctenoid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtiːnɔɪd/


  • (of fish scales) having many tiny projections on the edge like the teeth of a comb, as in many bony fishes.

    Compare with ganoid and placoid

    ‘The body is covered with small ctenoid scales that extend well onto the dorsal and anal fins.’
    • ‘Its scales are ctenoid, and it has no preorbital scales.’
    • ‘E. llajara differs from E. lanceolatus in having ctenoid scales on the sides of the body, and small black spots on the head and dorsal part of the body.’
    • ‘Triplefin blennies are also unique among blennies in that they possess ctenoid (rough-edged) scales (except for three species).’
    • ‘The scales may be cycloid, ctenoid, or absent and the lateral line is absent.’


Mid 19th century from Greek kteis, kten- ‘comb’ + -oid.