Meaning of ctenophore in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtiːnəfɔː/


  • An aquatic invertebrate of the phylum Ctenophora, which comprises the comb jellies.

    ‘Through the course of this work it became apparent that one of these genes is present in vertebrates, jellyfish, ctenophores and sponges, but absent in the fly and nematode model systems.’
    • ‘Data from sponges, ctenophores, and cnidarians are providing a glimpse into the some of the earliest events in Hox evolution.’
    • ‘Cell-lineage studies of ctenophores, polyclad flatworms, nemertines and acoelomorph flatworms reveal important distinctions between mesodermal cells arising from ectoderm and those from endoderm.’
    • ‘These samples consisted primarily of marine fish larvae and amphipods, although a high biomass of jelly-plankton, ranging from small ctenophores to jellyfish more than l m in diameter, was also observed entering the lake.’
    • ‘I was happy to sit and look at the stuff floating around me; the minute translucent jellyfish, ctenophores and arrowfish.’