Meaning of cuartel in English:


Pronunciation /kwɑːˈtɛl/

nounplural noun cuarteles/kwɑːˈtɛlɛs/ /kwɑːˈtɛlɪz/

  • A military barracks in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries.

    ‘‘Pasaporte,’ demands the sour-faced officer at the cuartel’
    • ‘The next day, upon returning to the cuartel in Yaviza, I find that the police have inexplicably changed their minds.’
    • ‘Leaving the cuartel, I walk to the Yaviza waterfront.’
    • ‘The pilot flew the plane to the army cuartel at La Maya, and dropped two homemade napalm bombs.’
    • ‘Charles Rhodes of the Sixth Cavalry, accompanied by two orderlies, came across twenty armed insurgents in a cuartel.’
    • ‘Don Alejandro had drawn his sword as soon as he had run in the cuartel, ready for anything.’
    garrison, camp, encampment, depot, billet, quarters, fort, cantonment, guardhouse


Mid 19th centuryː Spanish, from cuarta ‘quarter’.