Meaning of Cuban heel in English:

Cuban heel



  • A moderately high straight-sided heel on a shoe or boot.

    ‘You have a tendency to march to a different beat, but this month you need to get in step with your psychic drummer, and for this you will need new shoes - brown ones with a Cuban heel.’
    • ‘The suits were outrageously bad so I went for the leather jacket and the Cuban heels which were fantastic.’
    • ‘The best kind are those with Cuban heels - you can't beat that.’
    • ‘Some have a Cuban heel and some have outlandish fancy tassels hanging from them.’
    • ‘Wyoming, a permanent state of Stetson head and Cuban heel, was and still is the heart of the Wild West.’
    wedge, wedge heel, stiletto, stiletto heel, platform heel, spike heel, Cuban heel, kitten heel, Louis heel, stacked heel