Meaning of cube farm in English:

cube farm


mainly US
  • A large office divided into cubicles for individual workers.

    ‘I toil in a cube farm, tending to several Web sites.’
    • ‘It's time to use those gag lines that have been clogging up your email inbox - but only if they they're guaranteed to produce a hearty laugh or make you a big hit at your cube farm.’
    • ‘If you'd told me, ten years ago, that I'd be in a cube farm, working away and looking at sea monkeys, I would have probably commented positively on the sea monkeys, having always admired and appreciated the ads for them.’
    • ‘Prairie dogging is when someone yells or drops something loudly in a cube farm, and people's heads pop up over the walls to see that's going on.’
    • ‘‘Uh… Over there,’ he says, pointing into a small cube farm separate from the rest of the floor.’
    • ‘When the all-clear's given, I find the smoke detectors were set off by a small upset with one of the laser printers in the cube farm outside mission control.’
    • ‘All of the Yoshida Group enterprises operate out of a bright, low-slung postindustrial cube farm in Gresham, east of Portland.’
    • ‘The building is decorated in modern cube farm style and must be 100 floors tall.’
    • ‘I'm allergic to cube farms, but my doctor said a corner office would be okay.’
    • ‘The office of the future, according to trendsetting designers, will replace cube farms with a mix of open and closed spaces - large, sunny ‘plantscaped’ utopian-sounding ‘idea centers.’’
    • ‘The stark minimalism inside Dell's corporate headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, is striking: acres of bland cube farms, with nary a piece of artwork in sight.’
    • ‘It's pretty much considered rude to drive on the wrong side, and that kind of translates to sidewalks, malls, and cube farms.’