Meaning of cube root in English:

cube root


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  • The number which produces a given number when cubed.

    ‘Professor Aitken would ask for members of the class to give him numbers for which he would then write down the reciprocal, the square root, the cube root or other appropriate expression.’
    • ‘He gives methods to construct exact cube roots, and an approximate method to calculate the cube root of a non-square number.’
    • ‘Dividing the number of digits by 3 approximates the cube root.’
    • ‘He also described a process for calculating the volume of a sphere and one for calculating the cube root of a number.’
    • ‘In this case, the square of one plus the cube root of 27 probably equals four.’
    • ‘In order to facilitate comparison, we take the square root when the result is a product of two fractions and the cube root when it is the product of three fractions.’
    • ‘Relative lengths of closed and extended wings were calculated by dividing the respective lengths by the cube root of the body mass for each bird.’
    • ‘If a bomb has a ‘blast radius’ in level countryside of, for example, one mile, then a bomb 27 times more powerful would have a ‘blast radius’ of three miles (as 3 is the cube root of 27).’
    • ‘Paul's law states: ‘In any club, the number of attendees at a regular club function is ten times the cube root of the club membership.’’
    • ‘Brooks's rule states that with each molt crustaceans should double in volume, causing the linear dimensions to increase by the cube root of two, i.e., 1.26.’
    • ‘Body condition was calculated as the ratio between the weight at capture and cube root tarsus length.’
    • ‘Benjamin can also handle magic squares, natural logarithms, cube roots, and much more.’
    • ‘The eleven chapters of Halifax's text dealt with topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square roots and cube roots.’
    • ‘He solved cubic equations by extending an algorithm for finding cube roots.’
    • ‘He can do wonderful things, because he spent four hours a day since he was twenty working on it, learning new tricks, learning the table of cubes and cube roots, and to the power of four and fourth roots and so on.’
    • ‘Problems 12 to 18 involve the extraction of square roots, and the remaining problems involve the extraction of cube roots.’
    • ‘The company has also just completed the advanced course in abacus, which goes beyond addition and subtraction all the way up to square roots and cube roots.’
    • ‘Now he is 26, and a mathematical genius who can figure out cube roots quicker than a calculator and recall pi to 22,514 decimal places.’
    • ‘They understood the import of positive and negative quantities, evolved sound systems of extracting square and cube roots, and could solve quadratic and certain types of indeterminate equations.’
    • ‘Before the digital pocket calculator, there was the Curta, a mechanical device that could not only add, subtract, multiply and divide but also calculate square and cube roots.’