Meaning of cube steak in English:

cube steak


(also cubed steak)
mass nounUS
  • Steak that has been mechanically tenderized, a process that leaves a characteristic pattern of small indentations on the flattened surface of the meat.

    ‘the recipe calls for a family pack of cube steak’
    • ‘Tender cooked cubed steak makes for some great sandwiches.’
    • ‘She said we were having peas and carrots (ubiquitous of course) and cubed steak and gravy.’
    • ‘I also hope that Southern style sticky rice is on the agenda since it goes so well with cubed steak.’
    • ‘Fanny is cooking fried cubed steak, rice, steamed broccoli, and dinner rolls.’
    • ‘The Market sent over a canned ham, bacon, hamburger, cube steak, and a roast beef.’
    • ‘I usually buy a prepackaged steak called "cube steak" for this dish.’
    • ‘I've found that even though cube steaks are tenderized at the market they are still a fairly chewy piece of meat.’
    • ‘Already tenderized cube steaks can also use some meat mallet attention.’
    • ‘I browned 6 cube steaks with granulated garlic and seasoned pepper.’
    • ‘Next time I will bake the browned cube steaks longer with the sauce poured over them and covered with foil for added tenderizing.’