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cubic capacity

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  • The volume contained by a hollow structure, expressed in litres, cubic centimetres, or other cubic units.

    ‘the new crankshaft and pistons reduce the cubic capacity of the engine to 1171 cc’
    • ‘That much insulation is both expensive and heavy and significantly reduces the inside cubic capacity of the trailer, however.’
    • ‘If you have any doubt, ask your dealer the exact engine size in cc of the car in question, because the badge on the boot may no longer have any relationship whatever to the cubic capacity of the engine under the bonnet.’
    • ‘Up to 1958 cars were classified by the cubic capacity of the engine.’
    • ‘The new wave of smaller diesel engines driving the boom will have cubic capacities of as little as 600 cc.’
    • ‘The spatial dimensions of the laboratory were 4.80 m x 2.65 m x 2.27 m; consequently, the cubic capacity was approximately 28 m³.’
    • ‘As both versions have the same cubic capacity, there is no vehicle registration tax penalty for the diesel and the fact that it has only three cylinders instead of four should offset the other costs.’
    • ‘Tested recently in the Peugeot 407, it was impressive and with its smaller cubic capacity will carry less tax in Ireland, making it appreciably cheaper than the 2.0 litre model.’
    • ‘Opel has improved its range of petrol engines beyond recognition in recent years and the new Twinport models are smooth and powerful for their cubic capacity.’
    • ‘It had insufficient height for personnel use, and had a restricted cubic capacity.’
    • ‘Another unique feature of the Finke Desert Race is that there is no limit to the cubic capacity of entries.’
    • ‘Every night, he would drink the cubic capacity of Stoney Cove in lager.’
    • ‘While even smaller and thinner devices are in demand, smaller package cubic capacities mean lower heat radiation capability.’
    • ‘Nissan's new direct injection turbodiesel, which has very low emissions and a frugal appetite for fuel, is effectively ruled out of most Irish buyers' price range because of its 2.2 litre cubic capacity and consequent high tax bill.’
    • ‘The split-fold rear seats allow for one, two or all three rear passengers to be accommodated comfortably, and, when folded flat, there's a whopping 1,415 litres of cubic capacity to clog with lifestyle accoutrements.’
    • ‘The performance of the Boxster S, which is launched simultaneously, has also been increased to 280 bhp from 260 bhp, while cubic capacity has remained unchanged at 3.2 litres.’
    • ‘Sure, with 1.3 litres under the bonnet you get more cubic capacity than you do from an equivalent Euro car, but as we chaps keep being reminded, size isn't important.’
    • ‘As always, the tax regime, based on an engine's cubic capacity, is not favourable to Irish buyers.’
    • ‘1650 cc, 3000 cc and 750 cc are the cubic capacity limits for cars, jeeps and motorcycles, respectively.’
    • ‘Power is increased from 99 bhp to 113 bhp without any increase in cubic capacity, so no change to the car's vehicle registration tax category.’
    • ‘Multijet technology means that cubic capacity is now a less precise guide to the capabilities of engines.’