Meaning of cubic content in English:

cubic content


  • The volume of a solid, often expressed in cubic metres.

    ‘To find the cubic contents of a cylinder of pipe, multiply the area of the circle by the height or depth.’
    • ‘Will the cubic content of the proposed dormer exceed 50 cubic metres?’
    • ‘The Planning Portal has created a helpful cubic content volume calculator to help with this calculation.’
    • ‘You multiply the square footage of the walls by the cubic contents of the floor and ceiling combined, and double it.’
    • ‘The shed would be within 5 metres of any part of the house and has a cubic content which exceeds 10 cubic metres.’
    • ‘Models or schematic drawings of cubic content exhibits should be submitted in advance to Exhibit Management for approval.’
    • ‘In a terraced house, the enlargement of the roof would increase the cubic content of the house by more than 40 cubic metres.’
    • ‘Under the cubic content rule, exhibitors may build up to the front of their booths, and up to the maximum allowable height according to booth type.’
    • ‘The cost to each private owner shall be determined by the proportion which the cubic contents of the filling in each lot or parcel of land, separately owned, shall bear to the cubic contents of the whole area filled.’
    • ‘If the linear measurements are correctly given, as they probably are, the cubic contents of the mound are more than five times as much as their computation.’
    • ‘This Office considers that if a detached garage were built at the same time as, and within 5 metres of, the house, it would not be taken into account when calculating cubic content for future permitted development of the house involving enlargement, improvements or other alterations.’
    • ‘The point to which the weight springs back by the elasticity of the wool indicates the exact cubic contents of the wool on the scales.’