Meaning of cubical in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkjuːbɪk(ə)l/


See cubic

‘Played in an eight by eight-meter court inside a wire cubical cage three meters high, full body contact with other players is the beauty of the game.’
  • ‘I'm staring at a neat cubical wombat dropping, perched on the side of the path.’
  • ‘In the Eklakhi Tomb we see for the first time an Islamic curved roof inspired from the bamboo version, and the slight slope on the roof is a departure from traditional cubical construction and served to throw off rainwater.’
  • ‘In the first experiment on the combustion of the diamond it was placed in the middle of a glass globe of 18 or 20 cubical inches capacity supported in a cradle of platinum fixed on a prop of the same metal.’
  • ‘The most obvious way of implementing this idea would be to partition space into tiny cubical volumes.’