Meaning of cuckoo-roller in English:



  • A bird resembling a roller, with an iridescent green cap, back, wings, and tail, found only in Madagascar.

    Also called courol

    Leptosomus discolor, the only member of the family Leptosomatidae

    ‘Birds of Africa include the emerald cuckoo, the helmetbird, the village weaver, and the cuckoo-roller.’
    • ‘Other endemics we can expect to see include: vangas, cuckoo-rollers, and Vasa parrots.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the ground rollers, mesites and cuckoo-rollers are all endemic families and the couas, vangas and asities are endemic subfamilies.’
    • ‘It is also a good place for bird watching, with Madagascar green sunbird, cuckoo-rollers, blue pigeons, couas, Madagascar falcon, vasa parrots and many others.’
    • ‘There are some extraordinary ancient relict bird species on Madagascar, such as the groundrollers, cuckoo-rollers, and mesites.’