Meaning of cuckoo bee in English:

cuckoo bee


  • A bee which lays its eggs in the nest of another kind of bee, the young being raised and fed by the host.

    Nomada and related genera (which parasitize solitary bees), and Psithyrus (which parasitize bumblebees), family Apidae

    ‘Look for cuckoo bees flying low over the ground and foliage, hunting for foraging and nesting victims.’
    • ‘Mated female cuckoo bees hibernate through the winter, and emerge in the spring later than their hosts.’
    • ‘Typically, cuckoo bees that prey on solitary bees enter the nest to lay eggs while the host is out foraging.’
    • ‘The cuckoo bees lay eggs in other bee nests and let the host bees take care of their young.’
    • ‘Female cuckoo bees hijack bumblebee colonies letting the workers raise their eggs for them.’