Meaning of cuckoo clock in English:

cuckoo clock


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  • A clock that strikes the hour with a sound like a cuckoo's call and typically has a mechanical cuckoo that emerges with each note.

    ‘When the cuckoo clock struck 9:30, I decided to get up.’
    • ‘Downstairs the cuckoo clock cuckooed 7 times; it was only 7 o'clock and I knew Milly wouldn't be awake for at least 2 hours.’
    • ‘Throughout Slovakia there are artists selling painted Easter eggs, cornhusk figures, hand-knit sweaters, wood carvings, walking sticks, cuckoo clocks, and toys of many varieties.’
    • ‘Apart from cuckoo clocks, precision watches, and the versatile Army knife, the Swiss have their tradition of music and food.’
    • ‘When I heard that the Black Forest was still alive with cuckoo clocks, and that it had not one but two claimants to the title of Biggest Cuckoo Clock in the World, well, I barely had time to pack.’