Meaning of cuckooflower in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkʊkuːflaʊə/


  • A spring-flowering herbaceous European plant with pale lilac flowers, growing in damp meadows and by streams.

    Also called lady's smock

    Cardamine pratensis, family Cruciferae

    ‘The meadows support a range of grasses and plants including the lilac-coloured blooms of cuckooflower or lady's smock.’
    • ‘A stretch of damp marshy grassland containing rush species and occasional cuckooflowers runs along the western perimeter of the Southern Meadow.’
    • ‘Gama Valley is famous for the luxuriantly green forest, colorful cuckooflowers, limpid spring, deep and steep gorges and various birds.’
    • ‘In drier areas one can expect to find wild angelicas, Iceland rush, cuckooflowers, red fescue, sea peas and many other species.’
    • ‘He wanders in the nearby hills and woods to gather cuckooflowers, cowslips, stitchworts, elder flowers and of course nettles.’


Late 16th century so named because it flowers at the time of year when the cuckoo is first heard calling.