Meaning of cucumber mosaic in English:

cucumber mosaic


mass noun
  • A virus disease affecting plants of the gourd family, spread by beetles and aphids and causing mottling and stunting.

    ‘They are vulnerable to a disease spread by aphids called cucumber mosaic virus, which can cause the plants to turn brown and die.’
    • ‘Both stages can carry bacterial wilt or cucumber mosaic virus, diseases that will quickly kill the plant.’
    • ‘They are blamed with spreading bacterial wilt and cucumber mosaic.’
    • ‘Only cotton, delayed ripening tomatoes, cucumber mosaic virus-resistant sweet peppers, and color-altered petunias were approved for production within China.’
    • ‘The plants can also host crop viruses, such as cucumber mosaic virus, potato leafroll virus, potato virus Y, tomato mosaic, or the potato fungus Alternaria solani.’