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Pronunciation /ˈkʌdli/

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adjectiveadjective cuddlier, adjective cuddliest

  • 1Endearing and pleasant to cuddle, especially as a result of being soft or plump.

    ‘she was short and cuddly’
    • ‘Books, perfume, a warm cuddly stole or blanket, bed socks, a snug scarf or hat - the choices were many and boring.’
    • ‘As a turtle you are not very speedy, nor are you soft and cuddly.’
    • ‘Most grandparents are warm and cuddly, and love hearing from their grandkids.’
    • ‘I pull my cuddly soft quilted comforter from my shoulder over above my forehead.’
    • ‘She walks out and totally abandons me while I'm still all warm and cute and cuddly in bed.’
    • ‘I tell you, if they were green and slimy instead of warm and cuddly, you'd never tolerate cats in the house.’
    • ‘Baby gibbons are extremely cute, cuddly and adorable and extremely attractive to poachers and black marketers.’
    • ‘Think of this weight of fleece as sweater type fabric, just right for feeling cuddly warm.’
    • ‘Instead of Nurse Ratched we have Whoopi Goldberg with a huge, cuddly Afro to show how warm and caring she is.’
    • ‘I'm both interesting and informative, as well as being cuddly and adorable.’
    • ‘Should I give this cuddly friendly female Siamese a home or not?’
    • ‘Dr Evans this week issued guidelines to locals living in the bush capital on how to steer clear of an attack by the cuddly looking marsupials.’
    • ‘But the cat was very cuddly and kept me company throughout my wakeful hours.’
    • ‘Cute, chubby and cuddly, everyone just had to reach out to pat his cheeks.’
    • ‘She was the loveliest kitten we had ever had, always friendly, fun and cuddly.’
    • ‘Pictures of cuddly koalas trapped in burning gumtrees may deter some potential firebug.’
    • ‘Sure, they look all cuddly and docile, but I bet they're plotting to take over the world.’
    • ‘It looked rather sweet, as though someone had tucked up the airport in a nice cuddly blanket.’
    • ‘Part of this irrational anxiety has come about because A is not a very cuddly kid right now.’
    • ‘He is now also particularly cuddly - 12 or so pounds, no longer a tiny wee thing with a floppy head that is rather scary to handle!’
    huggable, cuddlesome
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    1. 1.1British Denoting a toy, especially a model of an animal, that is padded or spongy and covered in soft fabric.
      ‘a cuddly toy’
      • ‘Her favourite dolls, cuddly toys and teddy bears are lined along her shelves and bed.’
      • ‘The black plastic bin liner contained teddy bears and other cuddly toys, Rosie and Jim dolls and a number of framed children's pictures.’
      • ‘Dozens of floral tributes, dolls and cuddly toys were placed on metal railings near the scene of the tragedy.’
      • ‘Delivery vans packed with bouquets also arrived to add to the floral carpet outside the church, on which adults and children alike also laid cuddly toys.’
      • ‘The fairground atmosphere in Hamilton Terrace was enhanced by tightly packed stalls offering treats from cuddly toys to candy floss.’
      • ‘But between sessions the older girl clutched a cuddly toy tightly to her and was supported by a middle-aged female friend.’
      • ‘Neighbours and well-wishers continued to leave flowers and cuddly toys outside the house in Fourth Avenue yesterday.’
      • ‘Simon on the other hand is in love with cuddly toys, and also anything that chimes or makes a silly noise, especially cows mooing or pigs grunting.’
      • ‘While being treated in the incubator, the babies were comforted by a surrogate mother - a cuddly toy dog called Lassie.’
      • ‘These boxes included everything from toiletries to cuddly toys.’
      • ‘The morning after the awful tragedy flowers and cuddly toys were left outside the house by people who did not know the family personally.’
      • ‘The callous yobs scattered cuddly toys, flowers and a red heart left decorating the tiny graveside around the cemetery.’
      • ‘The cuddly toy has travelled around the world on various trips.’
      • ‘The pram was full of cuddly toys, its interior completely sealed off from the outside world by a protective plastic covering.’
      • ‘Enthusiasts from around the country came to sell their wares and acquire rare versions of the cuddly toys at the Thistle Hotel.’
      • ‘Jon Huntsman, the billionaire American chemicals magnate, is in his office surrounded by cuddly toys.’
      • ‘Anthea, 32, said she was told that even cuddly toy rabbits and lucky charm rabbit paws were forbidden.’
      • ‘A fluffy yellow cuddly toy duck would certainly provide the opportunity for some short-term loving.’
      • ‘We take our sentimentality about pets in the home and apply it to pests in the wild - or at least the ones that look like cuddly toys.’
      • ‘The ginger monkey cuddly toy was left behind by a young visitor, believed to be a boy during last week's half term break.’