Meaning of cue ball in English:

cue ball


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  • The ball, usually a white one, that is to be struck with the cue in snooker, billiards, etc.

    ‘A player makes a cannon by hitting the object balls with the cue ball.’
    • ‘The objective is to pocket the object ball using only a center ball hit on the cue ball.’
    • ‘That is, it seems that the event of the cue ball's striking the nine ball, and the fact that the cue ball struck the nine ball, must have comparable effects.’
    • ‘If you are not a master of the fundamentals, you will never strike the cue ball the same way.’
    • ‘Shoot center ball and send the cue ball all the way down the rail into the top corner pocket.’
    • ‘Now after you break the balls, your cue ball may or may not be in the center of the table.’
    • ‘Stroke through the cue ball with just enough speed to send the object ball one length of the table.’
    • ‘When you impart any spin on the cue ball, that spin is transferred to the object ball.’
    • ‘Each side has five red balls or five white balls, one of each color being a marked cue ball.’
    • ‘This means that the player must be extremely precise is shooting the object ball and placing the cue ball.’
    • ‘Then he said that he could shoot the cue ball down the table and hit the top ball before touching the other two.’
    • ‘I stood up as the cue ball hit the 8 ball, successfully sending it into the corner pocket, making me the first to win against my brother.’
    • ‘I drew the cue back, striking the cue ball with force, rocketing it into the formation of colored balls.’
    • ‘For example, when guests play pool, the game keeps track of the balls on the table, and the guests always strike the cue ball first.’
    • ‘If you you nearly scratch in the lower left pocket, you are not putting enough left spin on the cue ball.’
    • ‘It all comes down to the ability to deliver a crisp clear hit on the cue ball.’
    • ‘The point is, my hit pattern on the cue ball will indicate a lot of bottom hits.’
    • ‘They never told me how to aim or what to expect of the cue ball after shooting.’
    • ‘I guess it refers to the instant that the tip comes into contact with the cue ball.’
    • ‘If you address the cue ball wrong and miss the shot, don't blame the cue ball, or the stick.’