Meaning of cue bid in English:

cue bid


  • A bid intended to give specific information about the content of the hand to the bidder's partner rather than to advance the auction.

    ‘In disturbed auctions, however, a cue bid at the first opportunity is always artificial.’
    • ‘On the contrary, if she had a splinter bid, she would have a hand that cue bids in spades around 30% of the time.’
    • ‘This is a cue bid of the opponent's suit after your partner has opened the bidding (for your side).’
    • ‘If responder does not have a five card suit nor stoppers in opponent's preempt, he is forced to cue bid spades and your defensive contract becomes uncomfortably high.’
    • ‘There have been many questions about cue bids, and many advancing players find them confusing since they are so context-sensitive.’