Meaning of cueca in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkwɛkə/


  • A lively South American dance.

    ‘Visitors to the fair enjoy traditional crafts, sing the national anthem, dance the cueca, listen to folk music from the Andes and other parts of the country, and eat plenty of empanadas.’
    • ‘During that day Chileans visit fondas (traditional palm-roofed shelters) where they eat empanadas (meat pastries), drink Chilean red wine, and dance the cueca, the country's national dance.’
    • ‘The women, their partners in the cueca, the traditional Chilean courtship dance, must dance alone.’
    • ‘The cueca is a national dance of Chile.’
    • ‘We compare the lyrics of five traditional cuecas, selected from the oral tradition and identified from a period before 1980.’


Early 20th century American Spanish, from zamacueca, also denoting a dance performed especially in Chile.