Meaning of culex in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkjuːlɛks/

nounplural noun culices/ˈkjuːlɪsiːz/

(also culex mosquito)
  • A mosquito of a genus which includes a number of kinds commonly found in cooler regions. They do not transmit malaria, but can pass on a variety of other parasites including those causing filariasis.

    Compare with anopheles

    Genus Culex, subfamily Culicinae, family Culicidae

    ‘He urged authorities to gather more data on occurrences of the culex tritaeniorhychus mosquito in each district to identify high-risk areas and then step up efforts to control it.’
    • ‘In summary the infection comes from the bite of a culex mosquito carrying the virus from an infected bird.’
    • ‘The Toxo mosquito, when in a larvae state, has the nature to feed on the comparatively smaller sized anopheles and culex larvae.’
    • ‘The institute breeds aedes, anopheles and culex mosquitoes used in research toward development of repellents, drugs and vaccines to protect service members from such diseases as dengue fever, malaria and encephalitis.’
    • ‘In addition, two isolates of Western equine encephalitis virus were found in the common culex mosquitoes, and St. Louis and Western virus activity was found in chicken flocks.’


Latin, ‘gnat’.