Meaning of culicine in English:


adjective & noun

See culex

‘The reduction in entry rates of anopheline and culicine mosquitoes into the rooms with treated nets compared to control indicated good efficacy with all the formulations and doses of the insecticides.’
  • ‘During field experiment in 13 fortnights the total anopheline and culicine mosquitoes entered in experimental houses were 2818.’
  • ‘Female-biased sex ratios in culicines have been described in the context of thermal stress during embryogenesis and differential larval mortality.’
  • ‘Both culicine and anopheline mosquitoes can now be transformed, and genetic constructs that block the development of malaria parasites in transformed mosquitoes have been produced.’
  • ‘Sixteen culicine species were recorded in 1961.’



/ˈkjuːlɪsʌɪn/ /ˈkjuːlɪsiːn/