Meaning of cult classic in English:

cult classic


  • Something, typically a film or book, that is popular or fashionable among a particular group or section of society.

    ‘fans of this cult classic will be thrilled to see it in its original widescreen version’
    • ‘his legacy is a spoof documentary which became a cult classic’
    • ‘An unexpected box office success in 1971, Vanishing Point has become a beloved cult classic in the eyes of its admirers.’
    • ‘A tighter, more logical screenplay would have turned this into a cult classic.’
    • ‘The first RoboCop movie was awesome and is no doubt a cult classic.’
    • ‘Arriving in theaters with little fanfare, The Wicker Man has since become something of a cult classic.’
    • ‘In the years since its release it has become something of a cult classic.’
    • ‘If anyone considering this a "cult classic" wants to explain the appeal to me, I'm more than willing to listen.’
    • ‘I'm always looking out for films that were undiscovered or unappreciated during their initial release, which I think is what really defines a cult classic.’
    • ‘Did you initially have any misgivings about remaking a movie that's considered a cult classic?’
    • ‘Among fans in the know, this film has achieved cult classic status, and I understand why.’
    • ‘The cult classic musical Little Shop of Horrors will bring some gleefully gruesome cheer over Christmas.’
    • ‘The BBC's involvement with the cult classic began in 1978 with the original Radio 4 series, which led to the best selling novels.’
    • ‘Not easily categorized, that record has become something of a cult classic.’
    • ‘The weekend will feature an impressive selection of sci-fi and horror films as well as other cult classics.’
    • ‘The choir from St Winifred's School, all now in their 30s, gathered at the Lowry Centre in Salford Quays to sing the cult classic for one last time.’
    • ‘The whole farrago is so sublimely bad that it might become a cult classic.’
    • ‘The work became a cult classic in the US during the Vietnam war, and has created a whole sub-genre of imitations.’
    • ‘It was a cult classic movie that came out in the mid-1980 s when I was in college.’
    • ‘Notorious at the time for its high level of gore, the film was also distinguished by a keen sense of social satire and political commentary which quickly assured its status of a cult classic.’
    • ‘The album soon became a cult classic.’
    • ‘If you love horrors you'll love this remake of the 1979 cult classic.’