Meaning of cult heroine in English:

cult heroine


  • A female writer, musician, artist, or other public figure who is greatly admired by a relatively small audience or is influential despite limited commercial success.

    ‘she can still generate the kind of energy that made her a cult heroine over 17 years ago’
    • ‘She has achieved cult heroine status among radical students.’
    • ‘Kahlo's popularized trauma, often a sideshow to her art, has solidified her as a cult heroine in a recent Hollywood motion picture.’
    • ‘With her complicated past, her high-school principal's air, and her unsympathetic voice, she is an unlikely cult heroine.’
    • ‘She was one of two singer-guitarists in the influential feminist punk trio Sleater-Kinney – beloved cult heroines for a generation of indie-rock rebels and riot grrrls.’
    • ‘In August, Southbank Centre becomes a space where the underground scenes of New York, London and Berlin meet, offering the chance to encounter visionaries, pioneers, thinkers and cult heroines and heroes.’
    • ‘Its first film was the stirring biopic of one of Spain's cult heroines from the Napoleonic wars of independence.’
    • ‘She battled successfully against the Goliath of corporate rock to emerge as one of the most influential and inspirational cult heroines of the 1990s.’
    • ‘She is hailed as one of the greatest cult heroines in rock music despite having released very few of her own recordings.’
    • ‘She has become a cult heroine of millions of young women.’