Meaning of cultch in English:


Pronunciation /kʌltʃ/


(also culch)
mass noun
  • The mass of stones, broken shells, and grit of which an oyster bed is formed.

    ‘That is why it is important to return old shell to the oyster beds to provide cultch for future oysters.’
    • ‘The mesh bags are an easy way to move cultch to the right place and time for larval settlement.’
    • ‘Moreover, in rate of growth of oysters, the present cultch is superior to the rate on natural oyster shells.’
    • ‘Oyster culch, which is crushed oyster shell, will provide flat surfaces on which juvenile oysters can attach and grow.’
    • ‘The oysters attaching themselves to the culch were called ‘spat’.’
    debris, waste, waste matter, discarded matter, refuse, litter, scrap, flotsam and jetsam, lumber, rubble, wreckage


Mid 17th century of unknown origin.