Meaning of cultigen in English:



  • A plant species or variety known only in cultivation, especially one with no known wild ancestor.

    • ‘It is unclear which or how many wild species or cultigens were the progenitors of the extant avocado races.’
    • ‘The period is characterized by the gradual introduction of maize and other tropical cultigens, gradually transforming the resident hunter-gatherer populations into sedentary agricultural communities.’
    • ‘These sites had a domesticated plant system incorporating native and introduced cultigens, while the Mill Creek sites also exhibited a dispersed field location pattern.’
    • ‘If other factors affecting population size had remained constant, the predictable result would have been population growth wherever these crops replaced less efficient cultigens.’
    • ‘During the next five or even ten years, non-grain cultigens dominated; first root crops and then tree crops were cultivated.’


Early 20th century from cultivated (past participle of cultivate) + -gen.