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Pronunciation /ˈkʌltɪvəbl/

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‘To make this land cultivable, the productive approach is through watershed development.’
  • ‘The inter-annual variation in rainfall and its monthly fluctuation during the season pose uncertainty concerning the success of winter crops, so that only half of the cultivable area is cultivated annually.’
  • ‘The French then held it for a century but after Napoleon's defeat it became a British colony and it was the British who introduced the sugar cane which still covers 90 per cent of the cultivable land.’
  • ‘The little cultivable lands we have remaining are under threat because as far as the greedy are concerned, housing developments and commerce are more profitable, hence important, than producing food.’
  • ‘The worst-hit had been the maize crop, which registered a loss in 18,220 hectares of land, against the total cultivable land of 22,499 hectares in the district.’