Meaning of cultural anthropology in English:

cultural anthropology


mass nounUS
  • The branch of anthropology concerned with the study of human societies and cultures and their development.

    ‘he studied cultural anthropology at Cornell’
    • ‘Taking a biosocial perspective on human reproduction, we examine contributions from biological and cultural anthropology concerning men's reproductive health.’
    • ‘In order to address them, she transcends her work as historian, marshalling arguments from psychoanalysis, sociology and cultural anthropology.’
    • ‘Homer is a big subject, and Schmidt devotes three chapters to biographical speculation, literary analysis and cultural anthropology.’
    • ‘Interdisciplinary study and split majors are offered in world dance and music, cultural anthropology, cross-cultural study and art therapies.’
    • ‘Today, such younger fields as cultural anthropology and psychology are thriving and are taught throughout the university system.’
    • ‘She received a PhD. in anthropology from Columbia University, where she was trained by Franz Boas, a pioneer in cultural anthropology.’
    • ‘The author stresses that he derived his approach from three different fields of study: cultural anthropology, ethnomusicology and popular music studies.’
    • ‘Yet the ethnographisation of anthropology and the dominance of a relativised cultural anthropology have moved the subject away from dealing with such issues.’
    • ‘For more than half a century now, Wallace's work in the fields of cultural anthropology and American history has been influential for many scholars.’
    • ‘Broad theories like those of Volpert and Engestrom rely on insights and findings of political economy and cultural anthropology.’