Meaning of cultural diversity in English:

cultural diversity


mass noun
  • The existence of a variety of cultural or ethnic groups within a society.

    ‘cultural diversity has increased, exposing kids to new tastes and experiences’
    • ‘Nearly a third of Tucson's 900,000 metro residents were born in Mexico, giving the city significant cultural diversity.’
    • ‘It's an organisation whose primary aim is to promote cultural diversity in the arts.’
    • ‘Human potential is dependent upon cultural diversity for its realization; human beings blossom only in the context of other humans.’
    • ‘Top management's support and genuine commitment to cultural diversity is crucial.’
    • ‘South African artists should indeed celebrate their national spirit and alluring cultural diversity.’
    • ‘Cheesy though it sounds, it really is about celebrating cultural diversity while working together towards a common goal.’
    • ‘Since attitudes to money vary across different cultures, the programme also explores issues around cultural diversity and tackling financial exclusion and inequality.’
    • ‘Kathmandu is a city of remarkable cultural diversity and vitality.’
    • ‘He does admit to missing the cultural diversity found in Cleveland but says Columbus is quickly becoming more cosmopolitan.’
    • ‘Many who teach college courses have embraced cultural diversity and the promise of a more inclusive curriculum.’
    • ‘He is committed to the celebration of cultural diversity and to the creation of new live performance works which are both challenging and accessible.’
    • ‘The slow food movement seeks to preserve the cultural diversity of food and the biodiversity of the landscapes that produce it.’