Meaning of cultural safety in English:

cultural safety


mass nounmainly New Zealand
  • A policy of ensuring respect for cultural and social differences in the provision of health and education services.

    ‘the use of Maori prayer improves the cultural safety of the classroom’
    • ‘Similarly nursing education in recent years has developed the concept of cultural safety for patients.’
    • ‘The term "cultural safety" has become such a byword for political correctness that it is often dismissed out of hand.’
    • ‘However, concerns were raised by both Maori and non-Maori regarding the cultural safety of Maori staff working in isolation within 'mainstream' services.’
    • ‘From what I saw first-hand, the nursing service is in remarkably good hands in the area of cultural safety.’
    • ‘Far from being dismissed as politically correct, cultural safety, she argues, needs to be broadened and deepened to improve the quality of health care for all who live here.’
    • ‘How can the concept of cultural safety improve relations between adolescents and healthcare providers from the majority adult culture?’
    • ‘This means that health practitioners (except doctors) who are registered in Australia, must be granted registration in New Zealand when they come to work here, if they have complied with competency requirements, including cultural safety.’
    • ‘Although cultural safety is sometimes viewed with suspicion, it's invaluable in getting people to think about their own biases and assumptions about the way the world works.’
    • ‘They argue that Maoris are claiming special status to get massive hand-outs from taxpayers (cultural safety courses, anyone?)’
    • ‘In New Zealand, cultural safety has focused on Maori and Paheka and "there's a lack of understanding about the broader issues of culture".’