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Pronunciation /ˈkʌltʃ(ə)rəli/

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  • 1In a way that relates to the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of different societies.

    ‘the story is culturally insensitive’
    • ‘culturally, talking about class has become boring, unfashionable’
    • ‘The project brief required that a number of culturally specific design features be incorporated to suit remote Aboriginal lifestyles.’
    • ‘He thought art was organically based, but also culturally situated.’
    • ‘Indigenous peoples in the Americas and Australia are not culturally isolated and homogenous.’
    • ‘The bridge unites the countries economically and culturally and connects southern Scandinavia to central Europe.’
    • ‘The Melbourne architect has quietly earned an international reputation for his environmentally sensible and culturally sensitive work.’
    • ‘Each country has and does borrow culturally from each other but each does maintain unique cultural traditions.’
    • ‘Diversification - both economically and culturally - will enable our rural communities to attract new jobs, families, investment and growth.’
    • ‘Programs were under-funded and culturally restrictive, with policies favouring the nuclear family model against the cultural preference for extended kin groups.’
    • ‘The large Mudejar and Jewish groups notwithstanding, both Toledo and Burgos, culturally speaking, were predominantly Christian.’
    • ‘These opening messages were warmly received by the 7000 ethnically and culturally diverse attendees.’
  • 2In a way that relates to the arts and to intellectual achievements.

    ‘a culturally vibrant city’
    • ‘The company is possibly the most culturally significant publisher in Britain in the twentieth century.’
    • ‘As a white kid from a working class family I felt very culturally deprived.’
    • ‘Civilizations ranging from the Canaanite to the Ottoman have left their mark on an ever-growing, culturally rich and sophisticated city.’
    • ‘The emergence of a highly-educated, culturally sophisticated and affluent youthful consumer with an interest in decorating the home with art is the catalyst that will expand the art market into the third millennium.’
    • ‘The building is in the forefront of the great art of the future, all the while staying in touch, culturally speaking, with the recent past.’
    • ‘The curators assembled an impressive group of objects that not only traced stylistic developments but also accounted for the deepening self-awareness of the Western world's most culturally resonant city.’
    • ‘Underlying all this new cultural activity is the question of how it integrates into a town where most residents are not culturally attuned and many have low incomes.’
    • ‘The city is gearing up for a culturally rich series of events being billed as "Russian Summer," a city-wide festival that explores Russian culture through the performing, visual and literary arts.’
    • ‘The building is culturally significant because it was the site of invention, the building that inaugurated the architect's long, rich series of curvilinear structures that have repositioned the art of architecture and raised the bar of the discipline.’
    • ‘This artist's retreat and resource center, located in the culturally rich, beautiful Berkshire mountains is only 3 hours from NYC.’